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Bishop Hubbard to appear on PBS this weekend | News

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Bishop Hubbard to appear on PBS this weekend
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Bishop Howard J. Hubbard will lend his on-the-air thoughts during the upcoming broadcast of the remarkable television series, “Catholicism,” when two episodes will air this Sunday on WMHT-TV (PBS).


Bishop Hubbard’s reflections will be seen during a number of intermission breaks in the broadcast. During those breaks the Albany bishop will respond to questions or offer his comments related to the WMHT broadcast. “Catholicism” will premiere this Sunday, June 3 beginning at noon and running through 2:30pm.


“Catholicism” is a multi-part documentary series for public television that illustrates the history and treasures of a global religion shared by more than one billion people around the world. The series is filmed in stunning high-definition and spans more than 50 locations in 15 countries.


Father Robert Barron, the Francis Cardinal George Professor of Faith and Culture at Mundelein Seminary and a priest of the Archdiocese of Chicago, is the creator and host of the series. The executive producer is acclaimed filmmaker Mike Leonard, a veteran correspondent for NBC’s Today show and producer of the popular public television series Ride of Our Lives. Together, Fr. Barron and Leonard spent two years traveling the world with a crew of seasoned network television producers.

Bishop Hubbard said, “Using a distinctive and dynamic grasp of art, literature, architecture, Scripture, theology, philosophy, history and personal stories, Father Barron presents Catholicism in all of its depth and beauty. He captures the heart and spirit of the Catholic faith in a style that is both faithful to the time tested and track proven teaching of the Church, while simultaneously speaking the language of contemporary life.”


Fr. Barron said, "The filming of the Catholicism series was one of the most exciting and rewarding periods of my life.” He went on to note that, “Our team traveled the globe to capture some of the beauty, truth, and texture of Catholicism.”

“This series changed the way I think and act. The global settings were stunning, but it was Fr. Barron’s brilliant insights on life’s most challenging issues that shook me to the core,” admitted Mike Leonard. “Whatever your belief or background, there is much to gain from this deep and profound excursion into spirituality, logic and the human experience,” he added.

From Bishop Hubbard’s perspective, this series helps Catholics deepen their understanding of their faith. “I believe that faith is a lifelong process. I’ve been a priest for 49 years and I’m still learning about my faith each and every day. Unfortunately, many Catholics are stunted in their understanding of faith at an 8th grade or 10th grade level….their understanding of faith stopped once they completed their formal religious education. It’s important that they be reminded of the lessons they learned originally and also updated to how our faith has adopted itself to changing needs and circumstances,” Bishop Hubbard said.


In this sweeping documentary, Father Barron also tells the story of Catholicism around the world – using art, architecture, literature, music and all the riches of the Catholic tradition. The production crew travels to some of the most magnificent and sacred sites in Jerusalem, Rome, Krakow, Warsaw, New York, Istanbul, Ephesus, Lourdes, Mexico City, Athens, Corinth, Mexico City, Uganda, Manila, Sao Paolo, Auschwitz, Kolkata, Philadelphia, Chicago, and beyond.


The team was granted exclusive access to film privately in many locations inaccessible to the general public. Highlights include some of the world’s architectural and artistic masterpieces and most sacred places: The Dome of The Rock, the Hagia Sophia, the tomb of Mother Teresa, The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, rare views of the Pantheon, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Sistine Chapel and the Pope’s private gardens, Chartres, Notre Dame, and Cologne Cathedrals, as well as one of the largest religious celebrations on the planet – the feast of the Ugandan martyrs.


The Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany is one of eight such dioceses in New York State. It is comprised of 14 counties and covers an area of more than 10,400 square miles in and around the Capital Region of New York. There are more than 360,000 Catholics residing in the Diocese, who are served by more than 125 parishes.

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